Hundred Paces Studio



With an art practice heavily influenced by folklore and anthropology, Daniel Moore (DCM) is based in southern Taiwan where he is a resident artist and workshop teacher with Hundred Paces Studio. Working with traditional printing techniques DCM is currently working on several print series that examine the effects of myth and storytellingon both ancient and modern society. Since arriving in Taiwan in 2012, DCM has had work exhibited in Taipei as part of the 2015 Original Festival, as well as work as the art director for Tjuvecekadan Youth, an indigenous youth development project based in Pingtung County.


Nearski is an illustrator / print maker with strong roots in street art. His work is heavily influenced by the interaction of nature and urban life. Nearski lives and breathes art and his hands are almost permanently covered in paint or ink. His first exhibitions were in Europe but most recently had several solo shows in Japan. With a deep love of music he often collaborates with musicians to create album artwork. These days he mostly works using the silkscreen-printing medium on fabric or with acrylic paint on canvas.

Adam Renč

Adam Renč is a graduate of the Prague Academy of Performing Arts, Master of Arts, this Czech born artist and musician has travelled the world as an artistic jack of all trades, fulfilling roles of director, designer, actor and artist. His most recent works include directing at 2010 Shanghai World Expo, directing the outdoor show La Niña for 2016 European Capital of Culture Festival, and recently completing the restoration of a cultural area in Yunlin County. Arriving to Taiwan in 2009 as an employed artist of the Taipei based "Dream Community" arts organisation, Adam has collaborated with a multitude of cultures around Taiwan becoming a welcomed member of various communities and gaining an in depth knowledge of local arts and techniques. With a strong exposure to Aboriginal culture as well as Taiwanese-Minan culture, over 7 years in Taiwan has had a great influence on his creation, and has led to the development of a unique personal style, allowing the local audience a vision of the familiar through a different lens.